Wings2Life is a wellness and life coaching hub – a team of 5 coaches with an extensive life coaching experience. Wings2Life provides customised coaching programs with a vision to help clients in unlocking their limitless potential, develop self-awareness and build strong mindsets. Programs from Wings2Life brings transformation in lives of clients and helps them in attaining a fulfilling and successful life by overcoming the challenges in different aspects of life be it relationships, health & fitness, career & profession, or holistic wellness.

Our Coaches


Life & Peak Performance Coach

An entrepreneurial leader with a strong business acumen, having experience of over 21 years in education industry.

Being an entrepreneur and educationist, she has a deep understanding of behavioural science and emotional intelligence to inspire individuals and build cohesive teams.She enables individuals, teams and businesses to unleash their true potential and live a more successful, happy & fulfilling life.

Shweta Anand

Life & Holistic Wellness Coach

Shweta has worked with garment industry for almost 18 years.

She is a life coach, spiritual healer and couples modalities like EFT, Reiki, Ho’oponopono, Chakra balancing & meditations.

She guides individuals to overcome their shortcomings and results in inexplicable transformation. Reliable and determined, she works unwavering with her clients to reach their personal goals.

Aashish Agarwal

Life & Spiritual Coach

A seasoned IT professional and an agile Coach with an experience of 20 years.

Popularly known as a mentor, a guide, a philosopher & a coach.

Enabling people to achieve their full potential, As a certified coach he can de-stress the organization, by identifying the root cause, bringing necessary awareness through training, workshops and establishing structures to increase transparency.

Shalini Khandpur

Life & Relationship Coach

Shalini is a Graduate in English Literature and diversified work experience in the field of Exports and Recruitment Consulting.

She is known as a people’s person. Shalini’s deep intuition and endless curiosity for human behavior make her a natural Life coach.

She gives level-headed assessments of relationships and pinpoints what is preventing people from pursuing the life and/or relationship of their dreams.

Vikin Khosla

Life, Career & Clarity Coach

A Risk Management and Human Elements professional with a Marine Engineering background, having experience of 21 years in multinational Oil & Gas industry.

Vikin’s strengths of being strategic, analytical and detail-oriented allows him to assess people and situations with clear emotional intelligence and empathy.

He has worked with individuals, teams, managers and leaders to develop fair & strong sustainable culture to achieve excellence.

Inspire and help people turn their dreams into reality
To equip people to adjust and adapt, make changes aligned with their values and beliefs to achieve the desired outcomes and move forward continually. To establish a strong and interactive relationship with clients based on mutual trust and unwavering commitment
Make a difference in people’s lives, society, and mankind at large so that they live life of clarity, courage, creative expression, mindfulness & awareness, and abundant possibilities
For people to use their true potential and discover who they truly are and become a better version of themselves.
How we do anything is how we do everything.
Our values define us. Values are not mere words. It is a way of Life, our way of Life.


Wellness, Integrity, Nurture, Growth, Sustainability


Teamwork, Optimism


Lucidity, Innovation, Fun, Empathy

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