We help individuals and companies/oganizations to shape up their future in domains life, health & fitness, career and profession, relationships, social skills and holistic wellness
These programs are customised. Depending on what program you have chosen it may be anywhere between 4 weeks to 12 weeks
In word of Bill Gates “Everyone needs a Coach”. Life coaching is for everyone.
Coaching scenarios are around areas of improvement & related to the ongoing joy and happiness in anyone’s life. Life coaching helps individuals, teams, and organisations through transitions. Life coaching is for anyone who feels stuck and wants to move forward, wants to grow more, achieve more and be more
Yes. We provide group coaching
Maximum 3 hours a week, divided over 2 sessions with the coach. Further, will need to set aside some time per week for the assignments and that depends on the individuals
You will uncover your values and be more self-awareness leading to gaining clarity, improve focus and concentration that will enhance your ability take strategic decisions, accelerate the capacity to execute on goals and building resilience. You will bbuild joyful and effective personal, professional life and improve overall well-being
Yes, we provide personal coaching. Coaching is confidential and anything discussed between coach and client is not disclosed. This is bound by a contract between the client and the company
Both individual and group coaching aim to provide same benefits and transformation as it is a process of self-internalisation and execution. However, group coaching is more beneficial as it allows to learn and share experiences with other members of the coaching group, who may be going through similar challenges in life and taking actions to overcome it. This makes group coaching more powerful.
Program can be extended on mutual agreement and depends on case to case basis
Coaching is a process of self-realization by internalizing, representing & executing to understand personal your values and empowering individuals, teams, and organizations in making the right choices and decisions. Coaching does not aim to provide solutions
Yes. Following are the organisation impact of coaching: Improved succession planning and preparing future-ready leaders, seamless moving from a functional role to a leadership role, alignment for senior lateral hires, enhancing engagement of key talent, development of a strategic orientation for organizational growth, big picture thinking, building emotional intelligence and resilience towards changes

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